Vaping Starter Guide

Cannabis Vaping Starters Guide

What is Vaping?

With smoking, the bud is literally set on fire to release along with the smoke.

With vaping, cannabis is heated to a temperature high enough for the cannabinoid to "boil" and turn into a vapor and be released. This allows you to consume cannabis without the smoke - dodging all of the toxic by-products from combustion - while offering what's considered the best way to control dosage and cannabis's effects.

Is vaping dangerous?

No. vaping is 95-percent less harmful than traditional tobacco products. Which isn’t exactly difficult. Cigarettes are death wrapped in white paper and loaded with carcinogens. You could probably make a similar claim about the lethality of cigarettes versus guns, cars, or Chernobyl’s elephant foot.

What Device Is Best For Beginners?

This is a very common question with the complex answers. With vaping many things like taste for instance are subjective and what works best for one person might not work as well with the next. Make the decision yourself and know what direction to move in if you are ready to move to a more advanced device.

For beginners, we suggest low output regulated devices that use integrated internal batteries. Paired with Clearomizers that use easily replaceable coils with a resistance over 1.0 ohms.

For intermediate, try a greater vapor or flavor production mid powered regulated devices (80w or less) and clearomizers with replaceable coils with a resistance at or above .5 ohms.

For advanced, we suggest a high power regulated mod and a high wattage sub-ohm clearomizer.

How many hits does it take to get high?

Lots of people who have tried vaping marijuana tend to prefer it over traditional smoking of a blunt (joint) or a bowl. Because when combustion is not happening, the effect they get from vapor with THC compounds appears to be much more sensational. No wonder, because when you light up a piece of a dry hemp, cannabis wax or oil, up to 90% of cannabinoids burn out into the open, leaving you only 10% of pleasure.

Vaping Styles

There are various types of vaping. Figuring out how to vape can be easy or it can be a more intricate process.

Standard Vaping. Simply vaping mouth to lung, MTL, with an electronic cigarette and atomizer over 1.0 ohms in resistance.

Cigalike Vaping. Cigalike style electronic cigarette which has a manual and automatic battery just like a car's transmission.

Standard Mod Vaping. Mouth to lung style vape tank, there are sometimes a couple of wrinkles thrown at you.

Sub Ohm and Temperature Control Vaping. A low ohm vaping which has less resistance to the electricity. This allows for a higher wattage to get huge clouds.

Temperature Control Vaping. Most common TC coil materials are nickel, stainless steel or titanium.

Dry Herb Vaping. Requires variable temperature settings and some of them may be designed for dabs as opposed to dry herb.

Vape Medical Marijuana. Vaping using a grinder to break down your materials into a relatively fine grind.

Dab Pen Vaping. Can be used via the concentrated form of marijuana. It is a resin-like material that will gum up a dry herb chamber. You need a specially designed device or insert for dabs.


Mouth to Lung Hit. Mouth Inhale, Mouth Inhalation, or MLT. We’ll use MLT throughout the rest of the guide.

Direct Lung Inhalation. It includes Lung Inhale, Lung Vaping, Lung Inhalation, Direct Lung Hit, Lung Hit, Direct to Lung Hit. Additionally, it also includes Direct Lung Inhalation, Lung Vaping, or DLI. We’ll use DLI throughout the rest of the guide.

How can I produce more vapor?

Try batteries where you are able to adjust the heat for a bigger hit. Also, consider using lower-resistance cartomizers or coils. Lower resistance coils burn hotter and produce more vapor than higher-resistance cartomizers/coils. For maximum vapor production look into rebuildables tanks. They are bit more work and not the most beginner friendly setup but the experience is unlike any other.

What is Basic Anatomy Of a Vapour Device?

There are a few basic parts that all vaping devices have in common. Often they look different in appearance from one another, but perform the same basic functions. Let’s take a look at their different parts.
1.Vape Tanks: This part of the device houses the wicks, e-liquid and heating coil.

2.Vape Coils: a replaceable assembly or section of wire that has been wound into a spring like a coil shape. The coils are then wicked with an absorbent material, like cotton, which absorbs the e-liquid. The wire coils(s) are then heated to vaporise the e-liquid on the wicks.

3.Batteries: This powers the device or Mod, some devices use an integrated battery while the others use replaceable cells.

4.Vape Mods: The device housing batteries that connects and transfers power to the clearomizer/atomiser.

5.E-Juice: A mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavourings, and sometimes nicotine which is heated to create vapour for inhalation.

Vaporizer Terminology

Heating oven or chamber. The section of a vaporizer where you place your herbal materials. The heating oven is where the heat is directed to vaporize the active ingredients.

Heat up time. The time it takes for the heating oven to reach a high enough temperature for vaporization to begin.

Dabs or concentrates. Marijuana or herbal material that has been converted into a concentrated wax or resin for vaping.

Conduction vaporizer. The heat is applied directly to herbal materials.

Convection vaporizer. Heated air is circulated into the heating chamber to create vaporization.

Pull. Inhaling from a vaporizer.

Safety first

We totally commend your enthusiasm! Vaping is a much healthier alternative and the sooner you start, the sooner your body will thank you. But before you blindly purchase batteries, chargers, e juice, and other various accessories, let’s have a little chat about vaporizer safety. While there’s no denying that the vapor from the vaporizer is safer than traditional cigarettes, they do require proper maintenance and storage – but don’t let that scare you! Once you understand the basics, you should feel confident in your decision to switch to vaping.